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    Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser- Are Non-Alcoholic sanitizer Against Covid-19

    Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser And Non-Alcoholic Sanitizer –Brief Intro:

    When a pandemic hits the world, research regarding touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser along with non-alcoholic sanitizer takes place. Touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is making its way to follow sops more efficiently. Moreover, the non-alcoholic hand sanitizer is a gift for people with sensitive skin.

    Without further ado, we should move forward to explain these terms to you. So drag your cursor below.

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    What is the mechanism of a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser?

    To increase safety, the world is moving towards touchless technologies.  The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser senses when the hand is placed below it and drops and controls the amount of sanitizing liquid. The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is the most significant advancement that could be installed in crowded places. For instance, Malls and schools are the places where a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is much needed.

    Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Some of the best touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser to buy under $100 are:

    • TESECU Automatic soap dispenser -$29.99
    • Pedalgel Touchless Hand sanitizer Dispesner-$79.90
    • ANVASK Automatic Hand Sanitizer -$25.99
    • CasaTimo Touchless Hand sanitizer /Alcohol dispenser-$35.99

    Pros of touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser:

    Automatic behavior:

    The touchless and automatic behavior of these hand sanitizer dispenser provides top quality hygiene. The ultrasonic sensors are saving the users to press a button or push the handle. The fast and more efficient version guarantees safety from virus transmission.

    Feasible enough:

    The feasibility of every device is based on how easy it is to use. The manual ones are pretty tricky, but automatic ones are easy peasy.

    Limited dose delivery:

    Another thing that makes hand sanitizer dispenser the most convenient option is sanitizer dose is limited.

    The device delivers a dose enough to wash two hands. Therefore the amount is not wasted like the manual one.

    Lowers the virus transmission rate:

    With touchless technology, there is no contact with the surface of the dispenser. Thus it protects the user and stops the spread of the virus.

    Good Aesthetic appearance:

    The touchless dispenser's sleek design makes it a suitable choice to be installed at places where beauty matters.  So choose your favorite color and design that matches the decorum and create high-end vibes to the area.


    What is a Non-alcoholic hand sanitizer?

    The use of Benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient makes the sanitizer a non-alcoholic sanitizer. However, the commonly available sanitizers use alcohol as active ingredients to kill germs. The alcoholic sanitizers are harsh on the skin and could be flammable. Therefore the need for non-alcoholic hand sanitizer was generated.

    We will discuss research regarding the effectiveness of non-alcoholic hand sanitizer against Covid-19. But First, we will discuss some disadvantages of alcohol and the advantages of non-alcoholic hand sanitizers.

    Disadvantages of Alcoholic hand sanitizers:

    • The alcohol removes the skin's sebum and lipids, thus leading to dry, flaky skin, dermatitis, and sometimes bacterial infections.
    • Alcohol evaporates quickly, which becomes a disadvantage because it cannot provide microbial protection for a long time.
    • Risk of alcohol toxicity and poisoning if consumed carelessly exists.
    • Alcohol is a flammable material, so improper storage leads to significant loss and injuries.

    Advantages of Alcohol-free hand sanitizers:

    • The covid pandemic forces everyone to use hand sanitizers frequently after touching any surface. Thus a skin-friendly solution is need of time. Therefore non-alcoholic hand sanitizers are used because it moisturizes the skin due to emollients.
    • Not just covid strains, protection from every bacteria is needed to boost immunity. The alcohol sanitizers are not effective against C.difficile spores. However, non –alcoholic ones provide safety against pathogens and spores.
    • Non –alcoholic hand sanitizer is more economical due to the foaming mechanism. A bottle can last up to several washes.
    • The antimicrobial effect of alcohol-free hand sanitizer can last up to 3 to 4 hours.
    • Furthermore, the alcohol-free hand sanitizer is preferable, according to some people's religious beliefs.
    • Non-alcoholic hand sanitizer does not leave stains on surfaces and clothes.
    • As it has no alcohol, it is non-flammable and requires no special care for the storage.

    Is alcohol-free hand sanitizer effective against covid-19?

    The Brigham Young University conducted research and finds out that non-alcoholic hand sanitizer can kill coronavirus strains.



    A group of scientists from Brigham Young University experiments the coronavirus strains against benzalkonium chloride, the active ingredient of non-alcoholic hand sanitizers.

    Hence the results prove that the benzalkonium chloride compound vanishes 99.9% of covid virus in 15 seconds.

    When asked, the study lead author Benjamin Ogilvie said he claimed that non-alcoholic sanitizers are effective against coronavirus. So people should use this to control the virus. Moreover, Benjamin adds that it has several advantages.

    The benzalkonium chloride does not produce that burning sensation you get from using alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Therefore it is a much-needed present for health care providers because they have to sanitize their hands frequently. The professor at Brigham Young University's microbiology department pleasantly said that People who have sensitive skin should not worry. Thus the research conducted here will benefit them and protect them.

    Moreover, a group member and a Ph.D. student, Antonio Solis Leal, suggested that it will tackle the need and supply issue of alcoholic sanitizer. The shortage of alcoholic sanitizer due to great demand needs a non-alcoholic alternate.

    The co-author Burges added that people had thrown away the non-alcoholic sanitizers. Because the government was not aware of its effectiveness against the novel virus, this research will benefit everyone, and you don't have to throw away your non-alcoholic sanitizer.


    The students from Brigham test their hypothesis by conducting a detailed experiment. The team of researchers hold the covid samples in test tubes and mix them with:

    • 2% solution of benzalkonium chloride
    • Some ammonium compounds
    • Hard water

    The scientist neutralized the compounds and extracts the strains back from test tubes quickly.  Moreover, this process includes placement of strains on the living cells. The virus failed to enter the residing cell ensures that compounds killed the virus. After the experiment, scientists are sure that it kills the virus quickly, which is why it is useful.

    Furthermore, it justifies the hypothesis that sensitive skin people are not comfortable with alcohol-based sanitizers. Because alcohol attracts several ingredients to the skin as well as irritates the skin.

    Berges furthermore added that his team has performed a detailed analysis and used a practical approach. The team judges the performance of benzalkonium chloride against a short time frame. As well as the realistic approach that hands could be dirty before using the sanitizer.

    Berges and his team are confident that their research will benefit people. At the same time, it will also help the government in this challenging time.

    Because hand sanitizers are playing a much important role in stopping the transmission of covid, this research is a ray of light, said Ogilvie.

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    Nanoparticles based sanitizer:

    A silver Nanoparticles based sanitizer is an innovation in the world of sanitizing technology. However, the FDA does not approve of it yet.

    The colloidal silver-based hand sanitizer is a non-alcoholic type of sanitizer and has proven effective against novel coronavirus.

    The composition of this sanitizer includes silver particles that restrict the production of viral RNA molecules. Moreover, the silver Nanoparticles prove to be the ultimate solution against many other viruses, for example, HIV, AIDS, Herpes simplex, Hepatitis type B, and influenza.

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