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    Sanitizer Dispenser: How to Correctly Use Hand Sanitizer


    The Right Way To Use Hand Sanitizer

    A hand sanitizer dispenser has become very common since 2019. The reason is no secret as COVID has already spread quite fast in almost all the countries of the globe.

    Many medicated and non-medicated companies are selling hand sanitizers, and they are readily available in the market by different names.

    Sanitizers are available in liquid, foam, and gel consistency, and are equally effective. Hand sanitizers are meant to use when you are working outside. Where no soap or water is available to get rid of the germs that may cause any harm to the human body.

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    Why use Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

    Hand sanitizers have gained popularity with time. People prefer to use hand sanitizers when they can’t find any sink in the vicinity.

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Understanding the severity of the situation now you can see the sanitizer dispensers at the entrance of most of the marts, shops, malls, offices, and almost all the places where one can't stop visiting daily.

    All you have to do is to fix the dispenser on a wall or you can place it anywhere. The hand sanitizer dispensers are a one-time purchase. You can easily refill these sanitizer dispensers that hardly take a few minutes.

    Hand Sanitizer dispensers are available in different forms and sizes. Two common types that can be seen in markets and placed anywhere are automatic and manual.

    But if we compare them both, then an automatic sanitizer dispenser is better than a manual one.

    While using a manual sanitizer dispenser requires touching and thus becomes less safe, but in contrast, while using automatic hand sanitizer there is no need to touch anything as you will simply place your hand under the sanitizer dispenser and an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer gel will drop on your hand.

     Types of Hand sanitizers

    Hand sanitizers are available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms.


    Such alcoholic products contain 65 to 90% of alcohol that is most commonly in the form of isopropanol and ethanol. The reason to add such chemicals in hand sanitizers is the immediate removal of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.


    The other type doesn’t contain alcohol at all, and such products are formulated on different germicides or bactericides such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and chlorine compounds.

    All these chemicals disinfect the bacteria instantly and stop the maximum spread of any virus. Some other elements can also the added in hand sanitizers that can soften and smoothen the skin with an attractive fragrance.


    The effectiveness or usefulness of hand sanitizers doesn't have any scale to measure them because this is dependent on so many factors like quantity and quality of hand sanitizer.

    According to research, alcohol-based hand-sanitizers can lessen the growth of bacteria more as compared to non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. However, if any substantial element like soil is there in your hands, then you will have to wash them.

    But it is essential to pick the product that belongs to renowned brands or before buying any hand sanitizer, don’t forget to go through the given at the back of the container.

    In case you are purchasing the dispenser or sanitizer online then you can read the reviews about the product and make an idea either you should go for this product or not.

    Hand sanitizers are meant to protect yourself from microorganisms that may cause harm, and any compromise can't be made when it becomes to health.

    COVID has made us more conscious because even a little carelessness can cause significant harm to yourself and the people around you.

    If you become a carrier of the bacteria, there are maximum chances that you may infect the people anyhow.

    How to use Hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Hand sanitizer dispensers save you from the effort to replace the container again and again because a sanitizer dispenser has more capacity than an average-sized hand sanitizer container.

    How to use Manual Dispenser:

    To use the hand sanitizer, there is usually a knob or a button in the manual sanitizer dispenser to pour the sanitizer in your hand.

    Automatic Sanitizer

    Dispenser has a sensor installed in it and dispense the sanitizer upon fluctuation detected.

    How to use a hand sanitizer?

    It is significant to know the correct way of using a hand sanitizer to take maximum benefits from it.

    It is mandatory to learn the proper use of sanitizers that can aid you to save you and your family away from any life-taking virus such as COVID.

    Following is a step by step guide to sanitize your hands so you can be saved from any misfortune.

    Sanitizer Dispenser

    • Pour an appropriate amount of sanitizer in your hand.
    • Rub the gel/foam between your both palms
    • After rubbing the sanitizer between the palms interlace your fingers
    • Rub your nails into the palms of your hands on both sides
    • Continue rubbing your hands together until your hands become dry
    • Try to rub your hands for 20-30 seconds even the sanitizer is already dried.
    • Make sure you have sanitized your hands thoroughly
    • No need to wipe hands with anything after using hand sanitizer

    Soap Vs Hand sanitizer:

    There is a frequently asked question that either a soap is better or hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are meant for outdoor use where you can't wash your hands using a bar of soap.

    But if you can clean them instead, there is no better option than washing them with a bar of soap and water.

    Hand sanitizer is appropriate to use when you have no sinks or restrooms nearby.

    Skin Protection  

    Allergies are a common problem among different people. Very few are aware of the elements that may cause allergy, and the rest eventually recovers after becoming a victim.

    If you know about your allergies, make sure you have a suitable sanitizer always with you that doesn't contain any chemical that may cause allergy to your skin. If a person gets allergic unknowingly to any hand sanitizer he should instantly wash it off with a good soap.

    Safety Measures while using hand sanitizers

    Everything has its pros and cons; likewise, if hand sanitizers serve a beneficial role in stopping the virus's spread, they have some safety measures. Any negligence can cause significant harm.

    • Keep the hand sanitizer container away from the access of children
    • Keep the sanitizer container away from fire
    • Don’t go near fire just after applying hand sanitizer on your hands
    • Hand sanitizers are for external use only never try to lick your fingers, bite nails or rub your eyes with your hands after applying it
    • Never put it on your face because the face is the most sensitive part of the body and, using hand sanitizers can easily cause face allergies.

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    Since the world is under the unfortunate influence of COVID people have become more conscious and they are following SOPs strictly.

    Hand sanitizers are playing a major role in one’s safety while working outside. Sanitizer dispensers are making it more convenient and safe.

    Remember hand sanitizer dispensers are not alternative to hand washing. They are for emergency use mostly in commercial places or high-traffic areas where you want to avoid contain germs and transferring them.

    Caution: People are also trying DIY sanitizers nowadays but it is advisable to opt for entrusted brands to refill your sanitizer dispensers. The quality of the sanitizer ensures its efficiency and ability to kill bacteria.