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    What To Consider When Purchasing A Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Things to Consider For Buying a Commerical Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Due to the increasing urge of the Covid-19 and its spread, people are trying to minimalize the physical interaction. It is ideal to minimalize the socializing but we can’t isolate ourselves due to work and other emergencies. Therefore, a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser has become imperative.

    You can be a carrier of germs even if you don’t sanitize while wearing gloves so they can also transfer germs if you are not following the SOPs.

    Moreover, the use of hand sanitizers was approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centre for Disease Control).

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    Commercial areas, like schools, business centers, shopping malls, offices, etc. need Commercial hand sanitizers at any cost to avoid the cross-contaminated diseases.

    Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Finding the Perfect One

    Choosing the right commercial hand sanitizer dispenser for a place like a school, shopping mall and offices are not less than any challenge. One has to consider the potential-traffic that will be using the commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Consider the following points while placing a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

    • It should require the least human involvement (preferably no-touch automatic soap dispenser).
    • The dispenser should be easy-to-access for all kind of traffic
    • The dispenser should be user-friendly.
    • Easy-to maintain and portable.


    The first thing one should consider is the kind of traffic at the placement of the dispenser to make the best possible choice.


    There are several types of hand sanitizers available on the market, you can use one according to your preferences and needs.

    Following are some commonly used hand sanitizers from which you can make a choice;


    These hand sanitizer dispensers come with a stand that can help you to place this dispenser anywhere you want. You can move them easily and can place it according to your need. The stand helps you place them over the tables, in the corners and by the door side. Before choosing a standing hand sanitizer dispenser, you should check whether the stand is correctly balanced so that the whole dispenser unit won't collapse.


    As its name suggests, mounting hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted on the wall and are used at places where you have to keep them away from children and pets. These dispensers can be placed easily on any wall where you want them to be. Before buying such mounting dispensers you should always check if the mounting system is secure and the unit will be mounted safely on the wall so that there will be minimal chances of its fall.

    Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Automatic dispensers are the dispensers that work on sensors and batteries. These dispensers make sure that you can get excess to the amount of sanitizer you want to use with minimal touch. These dispensers are available in both mounting and standing functions. You can choose from both the options as per your priority.

    What are the important factors that can be considered while purchasing a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Once you have selected the sanitizer and the type of dispenser you want to place in your commercial area, the next thing is making sure that the commercial hand sanitizer dispenser is working properly and is serving its purpose efficiently.

    Following are some points that you should check-in your commercial hand sanitizer dispenser;

    The capacity of the Container

    Once you have selected the dispenser, check the container's capacity to place the sanitizer. It would be best for you to choose the dispenser according to your need and the traffic you will have.

    Design of the Dispenser

    As you have to choose the dispenser, make sure you keep the dispenser's size and design in your mind. You should always prefer the design that goes well with your building and interior.

    Size of Dispenser

    Along with the design of the dispenser, its size also matters a lot. You have to take care that the dispenser would fit perfectly and easily in the desired place without any damage. Either too small or too huge dispenser will make it look awkward. A moderate yet decent size dispenser would be best.

    Performance of the Dispenser

    The performance of the dispenser is the most important point while buying a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser. It would be best to make sure that no leakages would be there, as it may cause the floor to be slippery and dirty.

    If you choose an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, make sure that the batteries and the sensor are easily available in the market and replaced at the least expense.

    The working speed of pouring the sanitizer out should be good enough so that there won't be any crowd gathered waiting for their turn.

    Fengjie Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    If you are looking for a reliable company that offers premium quality commercial hand sanitizer dispensers at affordable prices, you should reach out to Fengjie. They are the leading hand sanitizer dispenser company that offers variety in terms of price, design, style, and technology.

    You will be able to find both automatic as well as manual sanitizer dispensers.


    Below, we did list some of their best-selling dispensers.

    Commercial Shower Shampoo Wall Mounted Liquid Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    This amazing sanitizer comes with a one-year warranty, thus ensuring quality and efficiency. What more is that the sanitizer has a sleek design that can match the interior of any building.

    What more is that you can use three different types of liquid in this sanitizer including sanitizer, foam, and soap. It also comes with a vertical slider that ensures protection to the nozzle.

    In addition, you can adjust the dose to ensure that there is no wastage of the liquid present in the sanitizer.


    Stand Up Hand Sanitizer Automatic Liquid Dispensing System Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

    The standup hand sanitizer automatic liquid dispenser is an excellent choice for commercial use. The sanitizer is suitable for three different types of liquids including sanitizer, soap, and foam. What more is that it comes with the option of bottle refill.

    So, once the liquid finishes, you can easily refill the sanitizer. That is a great saving as you do not have to purchase the entire device again and again. The beautiful design adds further to its value.

    It is modern, and according to the interior of most commercial buildings. Therefore, you can place the sanitizer in any place you like. It would go with all types of interior. The sanitizer dispenser also comes with a warranty.

    The automatic system ensures that there is no leakage of the dispenser. If the battery is low, the light on the dispenser would indicate it. So, you would have the time to change the batteries well before the dispenser stops responding completely.

    Commercial Electric with Standing Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Sensor

    Another great sanitizer from Fengjie is the commercial electric with standing automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Like most dispensers by Fengjie, it also supports three different types of liquids including soap, foam, and sanitizer.

    The sanitizer offers the facility of refilling the bottle. So, you don’t have to buy the entire device again and again. It comes with batteries and it also indicates low power. This indicates as to when you need to change the batteries.

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    Before buying a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser, make sure to check every detail of the dispenser unit and the hand sanitizer as most of the lives will depend on your choices. Try to choose wisely while considering every possible perspective.

    Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser