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    What Are the Important Locations for Sanitizer Dispenser Stand?


    Important Locations for Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

    Germs are visible on all surfaces and surely present almost everywhere. You cannot be sure of a place to be germ-free. Therefore, you need something that would prevent the spread of these gems—what better way than to install your sanitizer dispenser on  Sanitizer Dispenser stand in high traffic places.

    Whether it is your home, shopping mall, hospital, schools, offices, bus stand, or anywhere you imagine, germs will be there before you reach. Under such circumstances, Sanitizer Dispenser stands are vital.

    Though the need for these Sanitizer Dispenser Stands was always a significant but current situation of the world when COVID has not spared any part of the globe, it has become even more significant.

    80% of the germs are transmitted to our body via hand. The handshakes and touching surfaces lead to carrying germs and then passing them on to others.

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    They breed and grow in our surroundings, so it is important to locate sanitizer Dispenser Stands in different public places to kill these germs and stop them from spreading.

    Let us first have a look at why we need sanitizer Dispenser Stands in public places:

    Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

    Why Sanitizer Dispenser Stand?

    • Restrooms are not everywhere or are sometimes far away from our vicinity. So it is not possible to wash hands right after coughing or sneezing. A sanitizer Dispenser at this moment will be a savior.
    • Sanitizer Dispenser will provoke people to sanitize their hands now and then, thus minimize the danger of spreading germs.
    • According to a study, around 36000 people in the world die out of flu or flu-like sickness every year which is quite eye-opening. Proper use of a Sanitizing dispenser can decrease this number.
    • Clean hands can make you lead a healthy life and will lead to improved work performance or school attendance.
    • They are convenient and one-time purchases.

    Benefits of Sanitizer Dispenser Stand?

    The benefits of sanitizer dispenser stand include;

    • They are more accessible than sinks.
    • They are portable.
    • Act quickly to kill micro orgasms present on hands.
    • They require less time and effort in cleaning hands.
    • They reduce bacterial count on your hand and reduce risks of illness.
    • Some sanitizer improves skin conditions of the hand.
    • 70% alcohol rub sanitizers kill 99.9% bacteria within a minute.
    • You can control the amount of liquid used, so it doesn't hit the budget hard.

    Important Locations for Sanitizer Dispenser Stand;

    We believe that any place in the world without having a nearby restroom needs a sanitizer dispenser. Let's have a look at the most critical areas to place sanitizing dispenser stands:

    1.      Enter and Exits:

    Door knobs are one of the potential places to spread germs. The germ transmitted from a doorknob can be transferred to 40-60 % of people using them. The other potential places could be switchboards or any other high-touch place. So, it is important to place Sanitizer Dispenser Stands on the entry and exit doors of offices, malls, schools, hospitals, or any other public place.

    We also advise you to place a sanitizing bottle near your house's exit door. This way, the first thing you do while you enter your house is disinfecting your hands and avoiding spreading germs to your family.

    2.      Food court, Cafeterias, Break Room:

    You definitely don't want to digest germs by eating your food with dirty hands and become ill. So it is significant to place hand sanitizer dispenser stands in food courts and cafeterias.

    Though hand sanitizer dispenser stands are not a replacement for hand wash and everybody working in the kitchen should use water to wash hands. Chefs, kitchen workers, or anyone who is preparing to make food or is a helper should wash hand as some sanitizers might carry alcohol and could be dangerous near the fire.

    3.      Meeting Rooms:

    Meeting rooms are also a potential place to spread germs as they are usually filled with visitors, clients, and employees who often shake-hands or hug to greet each other.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser stand should be placed near the conference tables or near the door. This allows them to guard their hands against germs.

    4.      Employee Desk:

    You should place Hand sanitizer dispenser should on the employee's desk as the phone, keyboards, mouse and the table itself can be a germ-carrier.

    The table surface can be a breeding place for germs. The employees cough, sneeze and drink on that table, so sanitizer is essential.

    5.      High Traffic Areas:

    Places like malls, restaurants, hotels, recreational centers, daycares, and airports are high traffic areas. These places need a sanitizer dispenser stand.

    6.      ATM and Transaction Counters:

    Germs can also be transferred by giving and taking cash. Any activity that involves your hands can allow germs to transmit into your body. So another potential place to place sanitizer dispenser stand is ATMs and Transaction counters.

    Tips for choosing the best sanitizer:

    • It is advisable to choose a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as it increases the sanitiser's efficiency.
    • Prefer foam sanitizer over sticky gel sanitizer as people like to use foam sanitizers more or one that is absorbed quickly.
    • Sanitizer with moisturizer is ideal.
    • It is advisable to prefer no-touch sanitizer dispenser stands, to place in public places. You can control the amount of sanitizer.
    • The pump might malfunction if not used with care so it is advisable to use sensory dispenser stands.
    • Select an easy to maintain and easy-to-clean sanitizing dispenser stand. It should require the least human effort.
    • The sanitizing dispenser stands nowadays have advanced a lot and they come with extra features like LED display lights to indicate the refill of sanitizer in the dispenser. Select such dispensers to do the refills timely.
    • If you are placing the dispenser for children traffic area, then be careful with the height of the dispenser is mounted. It should be accessible to them.
    • Choose a dispenser that can be filled be hand wash and hand sanitizer as well so you can switch according to your needs.
    • Conduct thorough market research before purchasing your product. Choose it according to your requirement, priority, kind of traffic that will be using the dispenser, and the technology that will be appropriate for your ambiance.

    Ideal Height to place sanitizer Dispenser Stands:

    A perfect height to place sanitizer dispenser stands if mounted are not less than 42 inches from the bottom and 48 inches above the finished floor.

    Ingredients to look for in hand sanitizers:

    The main ingredients to look for while buying sanitizer are rubbing alcohol, isopropyl, Glycerin, aloe Vera gel, and essential oil.


    Sanitizing dispenser stands are not a substitute to hand wash. They are meant to be used in emergency conditions when you don't have access to a sink or water.

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    Final Thoughts:

    Health should be one's priority in any case and hands are the potential part of your body that transfers germs. To keep them clean is inevitable.

    To avoid spreading and breeding germs it is significant to place hand sanitizer dispenser stand in all critical places. The current pandemic has made the world understand the importance of hygiene so it won't be difficult to make them utilize the sanitizer dispenser stands.

    Choose your product wisely and it is advisable to go for a well-known brand so you can claim in the future if you face any issues and for maintenance purposes.

    Sanitizer Dispenser Stand