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    Suggestions for Using Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser


    The Correct Use of a Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser

    The hand sanitizer wall dispenser has become the most demanded product of this year. This year has brought quite a drastic change in our personal hygiene regime. It has become essential to wear a face mask and ensure hand sanitization for safety from the deadly Coronavirus. However, amid lockdowns going out was not even an option. As the world has started to adapt to the new ‘normal’ people, have resumed their daily safety precautions.

    Hand Sanitizer dispensers come as a natural thought when revamping your home or office for protection. Both adults and children must take extensive precautionary measures to avoid harmful entities. Although everyday activities have resumed, there is no harm in going the extra mile for the safety of your family and friends. A hand sanitizer dispenser takes care of all the second thought you might have.

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    Nevertheless, people are quite inclined to know how to stay safe when they leave their home’s protection. Health experts recommend hand sanitizer for minimal virus spread. The question is how to access hand sanitizer when outdoor and how frequently should you be using it.

    hand sanitizer wall dispenser

    Importance of placing a hand sanitizer wall dispenser outdoor

    One thing is for sure germs are everywhere. Cleaning hands Is an essential step in saving yourself from getting sick. Soap and water work together and washing off all the germs from your hands. However, if you cannot access them when you are out, then going for a hand sanitizer is the best option. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer can quickly kill and reduce the number of germs on your hands. However, they will not be able to remove certain chemicals such as lead from your hands.

    Hand washing most certainly is the best way to clean your hands, but the best second option is using a hand sanitizer. Therefore, when you are on the go keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket or make use of the wall dispensers installed in most places.

    The advice of a professional health worker is always handy during times of unease. Health experts insist on using a hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.  For example, when you are in the playground, you should use a hand sanitizer after every ride. The more frequently you clean your hands, the fewer chances you have of contracting the virus.

    People want outdoor Hand Sanitizer wall dispenser

    Recent studies have shown that people are more comfortable going to places that have the option of hand sanitizer wall dispenser. Many school teachers stated that they are more comfortable with wall dispenser sanitizers placed outside playground and athletic fields. Hand sanitizer is an essential requirement for outdoor places. The existence of outdoor hand sanitizer dispenser would provoke the passerby to use it even if they had not intended to. Some visual stimuli are always encouraging.

    A hand sanitizer is used outside in numerous ways. Sanitizer wall dispensers are ubiquitous and easy to install. Also, touch-free dispensers are also available. Aluminum and steel enclosures protect the hand sanitizer dispensers from harsh weather. They are easy to install and maintain. Also, most of the wall dispensers come with a lock and key so that the installation stays in place. The hand sanitizer enclosures are easy to identify through the instruction labels pasted upon the front panels.

    Every workplace must ensure that it has a hand sanitizer wall dispenser installed in every part of the building.  Although working from home has become an easier and more beneficial option. Many people still have to go to their workplace. A hand sanitizer may be placed at the entrance, beside the lift and at other various parts of the site.

    Where to place outdoor hand sanitizer

    The placement of the outdoor hand sanitizer matters a lot. It will not make much sense to place the dispenser outside if it does not come in contact with pedestrians. The existence of these dispensers is a campaign in itself. Naturally, the world has to go back to its original state, and the economy cannot survive; people stay at home longer. Staying safe should become the primary goal of every person heading outside. Outdoor hand sanitisers can be placed in the following places

    1. Parks and Playgrounds

    A stroll in the park may seem to be harmless, but we must take the maximum number of safety precautions. Children are generally careless about their hygiene and don’t tend to carry hand sanitiser around with them. Every park entrance should have a hand sanitizer. Whenever a child/adult enters the park, they will surely sanitize their hands.


    1. High Traffic areas

    Coronavirus tends to spread in high traffic places. Such places must ensure social distancing and place a hand sanitizer station.  High traffic places include cafes, benches, buses and other seating areas.


    1. Congregational Places

    It is a good idea to place a sanitizer wall dispenser in places where people tend to gather outdoor. These are places such as churches, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and service centres. All such sites are to be thoroughly cleaned regularly. Multiple hand sanitizer stations are a must in high traffic areas.


    1. Outdoor fitness centre

    A fitness centre is a hub for virus spread. Many people are using the same devices without washing their hands. Therefore every fitness centre must install a hand sanitizer wall dispenser. Most commonly used machines such as treadmills must have a hand sanitizer placed beside it.

    How to use a hand sanitizer

    Using a hand sanitizer reduces germs, but you should be using is the right way. An alcohol-based sanitizer is quite useful. Make sure that your hand sanitizer is at least 60 per cent alcohol-based.  However, when using such a sanitizer supervise children in case of swallowing.

    Moving on, put enough sanitizer on your hands. Sanitizer is not supposed to be a drop. It should be enough to grease all your hands. You should rub the sanitizer until you feel it dry up on your skin. This should not take more than 20 seconds.  Do not wipe off the sanitizer before it is dry as this may reduce its effectiveness.

    In addition, concentrate hand sanitizer on your fingertips because this is where the germs are concentrated the most. Using a hand sanitizer properly will facilitate in killing off germs.

    Choosing the right-hand sanitizer dispenser

    There are many hand sanitizer dispensers available. It is upon your choice and budget as to which dispenser you choose from. The following are the three main categories of hand sanitizer dispensers

    1. Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
    2. Manual Hand sanitizer dispenser
    3. Foot Operated hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Most of the hand sanitizer’s installed are wall dispensers. This is because they are easy to install and maintain. The most popular and expensive hand sanitizer happens to be the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. This is because a regulated amount of hand sanitizer comes out of the dispenser. Wastage is minimum and it is quite user-friendly. Such automatic hand sanitizers are quite economical.

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    Most of the automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have the option of being a touch less. This is a great option for those who are quite sensitive in taking the necessary precautions to avoid germs. In addition, smart features such as LED lights which show whether the sanitizer has dispersed or not make the dispenser quite handy.

    These hand dispensers are great for using outdoors and especially in places where there is a wide usage. The compact mini versions are installed for home-usage.

    For further information regarding a hand sanitizer wall dispenser, contact us now.

    hand sanitizer wall dispenser